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DJI Mavic Pro

DJI MAVIC PRO is a compact drone and having amazing capacities. With a quite new design far from Phantom and Inspire 2, this multirotor is very compact (83 x 83 x 198mm folded up) and very light (800 grams). It complies easily and is intended to be transported everywhere where you want! Real flying camera, the DJI Mavic Pro is the solution to all your demands!

  • 4K UHD (Ultra Haute Définition) 30fps
  • FULL HD 1080p 96fps
  • 12 mégapixels en JPEG ou DNG RAW
  • 27 mins flight time
  • 7 kms control range
  • 65 Km/h speed

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Phantom 4 Pro, besides a system improved of detection and avoidance of obstacles, he offers, among others, a greater autonomy, a first flying camera to sensor 1 thumb capable of filming 4K Movies in 60 i/s. The name pro does not seem to be usurped.

  • 4K CINE 60fps
  • FULL HD 1080p 120fps
  • 1″ 20 MP Exmor R CMOS 
  • 30 mins flight time
  • 7 kms control range
  • 72 Km/h speed

DJI Inspire 2

DJI INSPIRES 2 arranging of performances and incredible features, Inspires 2 is equipped with a second camera FPV stabilized on 2 axes for the pilot besides the camera and nacelle DJI Zenmuse X5S. Its video return FullHD rests on the technology Lightbridge 2 which offers a reach(impact) of 7km in FCC and 3.5km in IT. DJI brings in supplement a powerful system of detection of obstacles and numerous intelligent modes of flight for a greater safety and a very big ergonomics. The possibilities of creation are very big with the X5S which will give you access to an important choice of configurations thanks to its system of exchangeable objectives.

  • 5.2K CINE 30fps
  • 4/3 – 20.8 MP
  • 30 mins flight time
  • 12-bit RAW
  • Mode rafale 20i/s DNG